Glamping pods and shepherds huts in North yorkshire

Quiet, fenced off and almost all of its units are dog friendly which is a fantastic change to most sites that only have one dog friendly unit..
The grass is kept short and well maintained, and there are no overgrowing weeds and prickle bushes to worry about.
Great for show dogs, or long haired dogs.
There's parking on hard standing a short walk from the units.

There is electricity in the units as well as locking doors, which can also be kept open on a latch which is great in the summer.
The Electricity that is provided inside the units is not low watt, so no risk of it going off if you plug in your phone and laptop and as well as reading lights inside...the outside lights are good and bright when you need them, unlike many sites which have the little camping lights... but they can be turned off when you don't want them, Ideal for those midnight wee wee's.

Wolds also have a hose set aside for people to hose down their dogs (or indeed bikes) , which is a great addition for an area that is surrounded by nature trails and walks, and only 30 minutes away from the nearest beach.
A dog walkers paradise !

There are wonderful clean and freshly installed toilets and showers, with the addition of an entry vestibule with a clothing rack to hang any damp clothes that you do not want to take back to the units.
Wolds have proper bunk beds with comfy mattresses, they can provide bed linens for a fee but ask if you are bringing your dogs that you provide your own, which considering how much dogs can shed hair I believe is a fair ask.

Site Rules

Clean up after dogs

Keep dogs under control and don't allow them to bother others

Do not allow your dogs onto the beds , unless you bring your own bed linens

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