The Fleece

Bar & Kitchen

Located in the Historic town of


There's lots of excellent food on offer at the Fleece, and plenty of options to suit any taste or preference. Why not try a gourmet vegetarian burger. Or the Fleece's signature sausages with black pudding mash. Maybe if you want something more traditional, the fish and chips is always a firm favourite.

What else can you drink with your meal when in Scotland... But of course, it has to be Irn-Bru!

The staff are more than happy to provide your dogs with water, and have a bowl ready behind the counter. We were asked when we were seated if we'd like some water for our pups, and it was brought over to our table.

There's something Dandy about this place... The Fleece is where the Dandie Dinmont Terrier club was formed, many years ago and you can still often find dandies frequenting the fleece, especially in June, around the time of the Dandie Derby

People are welcome to sit down to meals in the bar area with their dogs, and well behaved (and clean) dogs are welcome to sit on the seats. Something Cookie was quick to make use of!

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