We were very excited to get our hands on the Travel Wags tote bag, and rightfully so because this is a serious game changer for anyone who frequently travels with their dogs.


For the longest time we've bounced between trying to fit everything we need into our handbag (Cue, roll of poo bags flying across the floor of the restaurant when we go to get our purse)... or we've had to find some  spare bag out of the back of the cupboard to shove as much dog stuff into as we can imagine and hope that it all arrives at the destination in one piece.


Only to find that the water has busted open, the treats are soaked and we somehow managed to forget the bowl and lose the poo bags. All the while young people are looking at us and our sad old bag and wondering just what 'woolworths' means.





Travel Wags have come up with a stunning solution.

So this is the Travel Wags Bag and just looking at it you can see that it screams 'quality'. Perfect for Couture Canines and Pampered Pooches.


There are three options available.


There's the handy sized "Walker Set" that comes with a water bottle, bowl and poo bags, in a neat and compact bag.


There's the "Tote Set" (pictured) that comes with everything you need for a weekend away.


Then there's the option to buy both together, very handy when you're travelling, as you can keep the tote where you're staying and the Walker in the car.


The travel wags Tote comes with everything you see here.

The handle of the bag itself is even a detachable emergency lead. There's a space-saving water bottle, Two collapsible bowls, a cooler bag for food and treats which fits neatly into the tote itself. It also comes with eco-friendly biodegradable poop bags and even with the cooler bag inside there is still, space for toys, a coat or blanket and any other essentials that your pampered pooch might need.

Every element of the Travel Wags bag has been thought out carefully, to maximise the efficiency of the bag without compromising on quality.

Here you can see pictured next to our pug, just how big that chiller bag is, and lovely deep water bowls once you've popped them out, yet it all fits comfortably and snuggly into the tote itself, without making the tote too cumbersome to carry around.

Travel Wags are definitely getting a thumbs up from us for their beautiful well thought out and useful weekend bag. We certainly won't be going anywhere without ours from now on.

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