Sleepypod Air



The Sleepypod Air is a small compact and lightweight pet carrier that is ideal for people that frequently travel with their dogs.


Aptly named, the Sleepypod Air’s unique design allows it to contract in size to fit in the space below most airline seats during the restricted times of takeoff and landing. Once the plane is in the air, the Sleepypod Air can be expanded to allow a pet the largest possible space below an airline seat.




But that's not all, in addition to having a fastener that allows you to safely attach the Sleepypod air to a wheeled suitcase, it also has fastenings for a car seatbelt, allowing you to securely fix the Sleepypod Air to a car seat. 


We've never come across a fabric pet carrier with this excellent addition, and in our opinion, the ability to secure this to the seatbelt makes it the ultimate in pet transportation for anyone who is frequently on the road (or in the sky!) with their pets.


Sleepypod Crash Test Their Products!

With their own patented crash test dogs, including Duke 2.0

To find out more about Crash Test Dogs, and why they are so important, follow the link to watch a video all about Duke.

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