Remember it's UK law that when your dog is out in public, it must wear a collar with your contact information on.


"Every dog while in a highway or in a place of public resort shall wear a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on the collar or on a plate or badge attached to it."

- The Control of Dogs Order 1992








"Andy and Mandy established Engraving Studios in 2015 following 25 years of experience in the engraving industry. The business was housed in a shed at home for a short period before moving to the current workshop in Stockton on Tees.


Engraving Studios call on their time served experience and exclusively offer products featuring quality deep engraving - opting to avoid newer technologies which only scratch or laser etch the surface - neither of which produce lettering with any depth and ultimately become unreadable.


Engraving Studios solid brass tags and plaques are purchased by many returning customers worldwide"


- Engraving Studios

Not only are dog tags an absolute necessity for any dog owner, but it is also the law in the UK that your dogs must have one.


It is every dog owners nightmare. You're out on a walk and your beloved pooch sees something in the distance and off they scarper, or some unfortunate guest leaves open the garden gate and the rest is history. It quite literally is the stuff of nightmares and I myself have had more than one stress dream about being unable to find my babies! 


Which raises the question of why when dog tags are such an essential thing and required by law, that there are so many shoddy products out there? I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that more than once I've been tricked into buying colourful or cheap dog tags only for them to fade or tarnish and become ineligible over a short period of time.

That's not going to be an issue with Engraving Studios.

Their tags are solid brass, and not just thin metals coloured to look like brass, like many cheaper alternatives out there. 


These solid brass tags are deeply engraved, they do not just scratch or etch on the surface, which means these tags are extremely durable and won't quickly fade away like those aforementioned cheaper alternatives.


In addition to the deep engravingblack infill is added to the lettering, giving higher clarity and easy to read lettering. 


Once you've seen and felt the quality of the items on offer from Engraving Studios, there's honestly no reason to go anywhere else.


Feeling Spooky?


The engraved pumpkin dog tags are perfect for keeping your dogs safe this Halloween! 


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