Cookie's Review

Well at first I was not very happy to be attatched to this seat but mum said it wasn't very safety for me to be running around loose on the back seat in case we had an accident I would be a little pug canonball through the windshield , well I suppose she was right and it is really comfortable... the cushion is really soft and I like to lean on the sides too , plus I like how it's higer than the seat so now that I am higher up I can look out of the windows and see what's going on,
Even though I like the seat , the first time I went in it I pulled a sad face out of principle of course , to make mum feel guilty even though it was really comfortable and now I jump straight into it every time we get in the car.

Our Review

Straight out of the box the pet seat goes together quite easily , I got it together in less than 15 minutes , it's labelled easily  (Match A to A and B to B etc) and then the cover just slips over the top.
The seat feels very sturdy once it's together and the cushion and cover come off to be washed , which is great.
Once you get the seatbelt through the back it's very secure and its a heavy duty clip that isn't likely to break easily.
Solvit's pet safety seat is the ONLY seat on the market for pets which is crash tested , as there is NO requirement for companies to do this for pet products.
Overall it's  very safe, comfortable for the dog , easy to fit and very secure, We're definetly going to keep it in the  car, and most importantly cookie likes it too !

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