What can be worse than having a beautiful room, a wonderfully luxurious pet bed and then your precious darling dog walks in with some garish monstrosity clasped in its mouth, that looks like its been sewn together by someone who was blindfolded at the time, and possibly wearing mittens?


Raven could not get enough of the crinkly sound made by the "Noisy Paws" Dog, and as it's stuffing free, it's perfect for a very destructive teething puppy! 


We tried out a number of toys from House of Paws and were more than pleased with each and every one of them. Just looking at them screams quality, and from the adorable fluffy animals to the hilarious bottle of Pugsecco, each and every one of them has found its way into the toy box, and not only that but the dogs loved every one and even after numerous  rounds with a Destructo-pug and a playful puppy, there wasn't a burst seam or a piece of stuffing anywhere.




The Rattan Bone Basket is great for storing away all those toys



Tennis balls, bones and ropes are only entertaining for so long before you really need something different but you don't want one of those poorly made plush monstrosities that a lot of shops sell. 


This is where House of Paws comes in.


Beautiful toys that are excellent quality and with a huge variety of designs to suit any taste and any dog.




Cookie...Before & After Pugsecco

You have to agree with us when we say the plush unicorn is absolutely magical!
This Fluffies Peacock really stands out from the crowd!
This "Peek-a-boo" Bunny's ears pop up when squeezed!
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