Our range of eco toys are made from pure jute and split leather. The toys are twin stitched over four layers of jute, filled with cotton jute rope, waste cotton or a recycled plastic bottle. These toys are natural, renewable and recyclable.


- Green & Wilds

Green & Wilds have managed to do the seemingly impossible, make great fun and interactive toys whilst retaining their natural and eco-friendly ethos.


Not only is their toy range colourful, varied and aesthetically pleasing it is also a very eco friendly range made from recycled materials with the end product also remaining renewable and recyclable.


The toys from Green & Wilds are also deceptively strong, with twin stitching, four layers of hardwearing jute and topped with split leather.


And of course they're just...fun!

Just look at  these fun ocean themed toys...

And if an ocean theme is not what floats your boat (see what we did there?), then there are plenty of other colourful and fun options available from Green & Wilds. 


From the pretty in pink Pinkie Bone to the fabulously funny Francois the Frog, the rugged Ronnie the Rhino and... well...Lenny.

Lenny the Leek. 

(Can anyone suggest some root vegetable themed alliteration? because we're all out!)


All of the toys whether they be animal, mineral or vegetable, also benefit from the eco-friendly build and design that Green & Wilds are known for.

And of course the best thing about these toys is that the dogs absolutely love them, just look at our crazy canines having a good old gallavant in the garden with their Green & Wilds toys

A Pug Playing with Peggy the Pig.

Raven Romping with Ronnie the Rhino

Not forgetting of course...Lenny

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