* Photo of Travel Mattress by Ivy & Duke

"The Travel Mat is the ideal bed for any crate, car boot or compact space. With its 5cm slab of Memory Foam, it will provide enough comfort for those long journeys, and along with being light weight makes it ideal for any journey. The unique base cushioning is made of a removable, single pad which is 100% Memory Foam, This increases the volume without increasing the density and helps regulate the body temperature, eliminating any uncomfortable hot spots. The Memory foam will mould itself to your dogs body shape, allowing the skeleton, muscles joints and to rest in their natural position. "

- Ivy & Duke


Having a 10-year-old dog who's getting to the stage where she's a little bit stiff and creaky after spending any length of time in one position, we've been looking for a suitable solution for travelling and we certainly found it with Ivy & Duke's travel mat.


She was drawn to it straight away and is more than happy to collapse on this mat for any length of time, without the uncomfortable tossing and turning that comes with other beds and mattresses we've tried. 


Fantastic for holidays with your dog, the travel mat is also waterproof with a removable washable cover. The perfect accompaniment for Glamping with your dogs! 

"The Ivy & Duke Blanket is perfect for those lazy days on the sofa, perching at the end of the bed, or lounging on those long car rides. 

We have made a truly robust, yet comfortable blanket, which is ideal for daily lounging.

The Blanket is double sided, one side being upholstery fabric, to provide durability and comfort, the other, a soft faux sheepskin for those days when extra indulgence is required.

Our catalogue of patterns and colours will fit comfortably with most colour palettes, making it a complimentary edition to your interiors."

-Ivy & Duke


The Blanket from Ivy & Duke is as luxurious as it is sturdy. Picking it up you can feel the excellent quality of the exterior fabric and the faux sheepskin underside also. But in addition to the luxurious feel to the blanket, it's also extremely well made.


I am sure we have all had a dog blanket that has looked fabulous but given up the ghost the first time it encounters muddy paws and the subsequent trip into the washing machine.  Well the Ivy & Duke blanket is fully machine washable and you can tell right from the get-go, that this is built to last.

Much like the travel mattress, the dogs were drawn straight to it, lying on the plush fabric in the milder weather and snuggling into the faux-sheepskin in the cooler evenings. 


Plus with all orders until the 30th September 2019, you receive a free pillow, which are lot were very pleased with!

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