The removable gel pouches in the harness keep your dog cool on a warm day, and you can freeze them so they last longer, which I would definitely recommend!

ay the pouches will recharge themselves after an hour or so of non-use, which is great, but personally, I would buy two, that way when one starts to get warm , you have another ready to go , and you can put the other one away to recharge itself.

(We kept ours in the car in a cool bag with an ice block, and it was lovely and cool when we got to our destination! )

Great for short excursions


, as seen in the photos it kept our pug nice and cool on a sunny day !

But please remember to be a responsible dog owner, and don't take dogs out for long journeys on hot days!

note: Despite being marketed as a "Harness" Rosewood's cooling harness does not have a D - Ring to attach a lead to so you will need another harness or collar in conjunction with it, to walk your dog.

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