Cookie's Review

Well first of all it's pink , and that's always a good thing, but mum says they do make them in other colours for boring boys like my brother stan who might not like pink.

It's really comfy and lightweight so I can still go crazy and do pugtonas on the beach and I can paddle in the sea without worrying about getting my coat all messy ,  even the lifeguard at the beach said I looked fabulous.

Our Review

The MacPaws is an excellent idea, a sort of pac a mac for dogs , that folds away in seconds into a tiny little bag that has a handy clip on it. They come in a great mix of colours so there's something for all tastes , and they've even used vary nice shades such as the pink , it's a lovely pastelly pink and not horribly garish like some others.

The velcro straps mean they fit nicely on the dog , they're perfect and lightweight for showers or wetwalks , and they didn't restrict movement on the dog at all. A handy flap at the back of the neck means you can still have a harness or collar on underneath the coat too. A definite must for dog owners , keeping mine in my bag from now on !

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