Born of Love, Crafted with Goodness, Made in New Zealand

All of Ziwi Good Dog Rewards contain 96% premium New Zealand Beef meat, including tripe, and Green Mussels. The Rewards are slowly and gently air-dried to preserve the best of our special New Zealand ingredients. The remainder of the recipe includes hand selected vitamins & minerals, sea kelps, chicory, & parsley. A great training treat to reward your dog for their good behavior and recommended by top international dog trainer, Ian Dunbar.

What we tried...

Venison Good Dog Rewards

 Deer Shank Bone

Lamb Good Dog Rewards

Good Dog Rewards

These tasty good dog rewards are an excellent treat for training or praise , or an allround treat.


Both flavours we tried were snapped up with relish and as you can see from the photo below , Cookie was not impressed at being told to 'leave it' while she posed for a photo as she was quite eager to snap them up !

The resealable packaging is a definete bonus , and it's also great to find natural dog treats that are not hard as so many high quality treats are dry and hard.


They have a very strong smell too which is great for getting a dogs attention.


Definetly give them a go !

New Zealand Deer Shank Bone

The good people at  Ziwi have produced this wonderful deer shank bone , which is filled with very tasty marrow and wrapped in a deer oesophagus.


We'd love to show you some more pictures of it , but as you can see from the photo just here on the left ...

Every time we tried to...a certain pug came along and tried to steal it !


They're a great natural treat, hard and chewable and long lasting.


Great for teeth and gums, and great if you want something that will actually last and not be snapped up quickly.

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