Zealandia's make a great mix of dog treats, but the ones we were lucky enough to try are their Ribbies.

Ribbies are made from ethically sourced New Zealand veal. With no additives, growth hormones or vaccines in the meat, they are 100% natural! To the dogs, they taste amazing, and they're easily digestible. 

Not only that but when dogs eat these chews it creates a floss-like action, effectively flossing their teeth and helping to combat plaque and tartar build up. 

But enough about what you can read on the bag, what were ribbies like for us? Well, straight away the dogs were interested and both were very happy to receive them, as you can see in the picture here from Cookie's mad dash when she got hold of her first ribbie  -->


Despite essentially being pure bone, they're not overly hard which is a great bonus as lots of natural treats are very very hard, and if you have a dog that doesn't like hard chews (Or like us have a puppy and/or a senior who can't have them) then Ribbies fill that void very very nicely.

 Another huge benefit over other similar styles of treats, like pizzles for example... the Ribbies do not smell. I repeat they do not smell. Now to the everyday person that might not sound like much, but to anyone that's had a dog chew a pizzle or other natural treat, and lovingly leave you the slobbery remains on your pillow or sofa, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

But at the end of the day it comes down to the dog's reaction and well, as you can see for yourself when it came to her Ribbies, even the ever benevolent Cookie... was not interested in sharing!

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