We tested out the true hemp treats and true hemp dental sticks on offer from True Leaf Pets. True Hemp treats and dental sticks are grain-free and contain real hemp leaf. Not to be confused with cannabis, Hemp contains less than 0.02% THC, which is the element of cannabis responsible for mind-altering effects!


Both the treats and dental sticks are available in three varieties:

Hip + Joint, Calming and Skin + Coat.


"Because we care about the health of both your companion and the planet, our quality products are both pet and environment friendly. True Leaf Pet offers innovative, natural products, which are particularly beneficial to dogs and cats, and contribute to your pet’s quality of life. This is why we combine the exceptional properties of hemp with other innovative ingredients with scientifically-proven qualities to create our True Hemp range of treats and dental sticks"

- True Leaf Pet


The shape of the dental sticks, are good for a giggle
Raven gets stuck into a hemp dental stick

For a 'Health' treat, we really had to keep a tight hold on these true hemp bars! Usually when a product actually does something good for your dogs health, they naturally want nothing to do with it .


That's certainly not the case with the true hemp bars, and as you can see Raven could not get enough of them, she's pictured here tucking into a hip & joint dental stick!


Excellent news as Hemp oil supplies a balance of nutrients that are crucial to your dogs health. In fact, Raven can't get enough of them.

So much so, that they didn't even make it off the table, and before we were finished photographing them, we noticed that we already had less than what we started with, and this likely subject was looking very very pleased with herself!

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