JR's award-winning Pure Range, is made from 100% fresh meat…and that's it!


The treats contain only the best cuts of human grade meat, and to finish it's air dried. 


There's No offal, just premium cuts of human grade meat. These are great  Single source protein treats that are responsibly sourced and great for dogs with allergies

We certainly didn't have any trouble testing what was on offer from the pure range, with lots of variety and tasty treats and quirky flavours Ostrichritch kebabs and lamb spaghetti, it was sometimes down to an all-out tug of war for who got the biggest bits! There's a great mix of quick snacks ideal for training and longer lasting treats to keep your pampered pooches entertained. Even our notoriously spoilt princesses didn't turn their noses up at anything that was on offer to them from JR's Pure range! 

There's a huge amount of treats on offer in JR's Pure range.

The tale of the mysterious disappearing treats...

JR treats are that enticing, we had a little incident whilst taking photos of them... where one 'magically' disappeared from the photo table....

And it wasn't an isolated incident, when we turned our back, we were shocked to see that it had happened again...

...And again!


It seems that JR treats really are irresistible to dogs, they'll even resort to a life of crime!

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