Platinum uses a minimum of 70 % fresh meat for the preparation of their food and in addition, they only add other highly digestible ingredients such as rice, potatoes and premium-quality cold-pressed oils, herbs, vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, they are the only manufacturer to cook these ingredients in their own juices, without any water added, to preserve their nutritional value. That’s how PLATINUM retains its high quality.

We certainly had no issues getting our dogs interested in platinum, and just looking at it you can see and feel the quality.  Instead of being a bland, dry and brittle biscuit its a semi-moist nugget with plenty of healthy oils and a very appealing scent for the dogs, judging by the stampede it causes.


Very quickly we found that opening a bag of platinum was a quick way to ensure that all dogs were immediately in attendance.


Since we've started Platinum, our puppy who was brought to us on a well known brand of dog biscuits, has gained weight (healthy muscle tone/weight, not fat belly weight!) she's also gained condition and has an improved coat without scurf.


What's best is the dogs love it, there's no reason to try and tempt them because when the platinum goes down, it's soon empty bowls all around.

Platinum Treats:

Fit Sticks

As far as treats are concerned, we definitely had no trouble with platinum's fit sticks.

They were a hit with all the dogs, and they are very high in quality.


We've said it before and we'll say it again though, it's always nice to get some high quality treats that are soft, as not all dogs like or can eat hard treats, which we've found the majority of high quality or natural treats are quite hard.


With a puppy and a senior dog, we are always on the lookout for palatable soft treats.

As you can see from the blatant treat thievery here -->

The platinum fit sticks really do fit the bill nicely.

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