Fruit & Mutt Energy & Recovery Bar

"Fruit ‘n’ Mutt Energy Snack Bars may be used as training rewards, lunchtime snacks or as a post-exercise recovery meal" - CSJ


The bars use only human-grade and highly palatable ingredients. 



Raven looked very pleased with herself when she got hold of the Fruit n Mutt bar


In fact with simple ingredients like:

Jumbo oat flakes, Honey, Cranberries, Seaweed and Yucca to name a few, the Fruit n Mutt bar is a great natural boost for your dogs.


The Fruit & Mutt bar was that appealing that Cookie didn't even want to wait for us to open it for her!

The idea of a dog energy or recovery bar is a very good one, there have certainly been times with our little dogs that we've gone on some lovely scenic walks that ramblers assured us were only "15 or 20 minutes tops" and turned out to be much closer to an hour! 


The recovery bar can be given to give your dog a bit of a temporary boost, or to fill them up after a long day. A bit like us sitting down with a nice coffee, only without the caffeine!


So how did it go down with the dogs?

Because let's face it, I know a super healthy protein shake with Spirulina, Seaweed and Kale is really good for me and going to give me a massive boost... but that doesn't make it appetising to me in the least. However as you can clearly see here, Cookie had no qualms whatsoever about digging into the Fruit n Mutt bar after a big day of walks and zoomies !

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