Healthy & Natural Dog Treats,  made in North Yorkshire

Feelwells have some great natural treats...

Lets take a look at some of what they have to offer.


80% Meat / Fish content

These little crunchy nibbles are great if you want a little something for training, and at 80% meat content with rice, they're great for sensitive dogs as they have no artificial ingredients.

Training Treats

Semi Moist & Oven Baked

Availlable in Liver, Cheesy or Grain Free these training treats are perfect for training. The fact that they are semi moist means they are much more desirable for the dogs, and great for getting their attention when training.

Cookie loved the liver ones especially!


All in One & Goodnight

Oven Baked Duck & Oats Treats

How amazing are these all in one treats ? Instead of having seperate bags of treats for Dental , Coat & Mobility these aptly named "All in one' treats have all the essential ingredients packed into one super tasty and handy treat...yum!



The Goodnight treats in addition to the tasty duck and oats, contain Chamomile, Valerian & Scullcap which are all known for helping animals (and people) to relax, so they're a great treat for settling down before bed... and did they work ? See for yourself... > > >



But for us, the star of the show were the100% Meat Treats

Feelwells 100% meat treats are

  • Grain Free
  • Made in the EU
  • 100% Meat
  • & Contain no artificial ingredients !

They come in a variety of exotic flavours, including; Venison, Wild Boar, Goat & Kangaroo!

So there's something to suit every taste.

Once she got hold of the 100% meat treats, there was no way that cookie was letting go!

Especially the fun and quirky kangroo you can see, Cookie approves!

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