Good food makes your mind, body and spirit feel amazing. Nothing beats fresh meat and simple ingredients, cooked and packed with nature in mind. From using biodegradable bags to keeping our environmental pawprint as small as possible, we believe in doing right by nature. We’re the first pet food brand in Europe with a full range of products in packs made from 100% biodegradable materials. This has saved over 1 million plastic bags from ever being produced.


- Edgard & Cooper



The dogs cannot get enough of the meat from Edgard & Cooper

Edgard & Cooper offers great high-quality dry food, wet food and treats.


Their wet food is available in both tins and cups, with options for adult dogs, puppies and seniors and a wide range of flavours therein. They even have a cup for cats!


One thing you can say for certain about Edgard & Cooper with their veritable rainbow of packaging is that they really do stand out from the crowd. But Edgard & Cooper's bright and fun packaging is not the only reason they stand out, because In an industry where some of the big-hitting market leaders are producing thousands of tonnes of waste every year, and pumping out food that is packed with cheap and nasty fillers like maize and meal, Edgard & Cooper knocks it out of the ballpark with high quality food with totally natural ingredients like meat, fruit and vegetables with no cheap fillers and does it all in a bright, brilliant, biodegradable bundle!

The busy day bars are grain-free and packed full of energy, perfect for dogs on the go and ideal for those trips away with your canine companions. Whether it's for a boost before training, or to regain energy after a walk then these bars are an ideal complimentary treat for your dogs.

Based on their fabulous food designs they are available in Beef, Lamb & Beef, Chicken and Chicken & Duck. 


Just like the rest of Edgard & Cooper's range, they come in the 100% biodegradable packaging.

Whether you're training your dog to give you a high five or simply want to give your dog a special treat, then there's something for you (and your dog) in Edgard & Cooper's vast treat range.


In addition to the busy day bars, they have a variety of flavours in little bites, which make perfect training treats, (< Pictured Left ) and likewise have a corresponding variety of flavours of jerky. (Pictured Right>) which are great for when you want something to last a little longer.


No matter what type of treat you go for, you're going to have one very happy pooch if you stick with Edgard & Cooper.

Feeling Spooky?


Edgard & Cooper's fabulous treats with Pumpkin, make a perfect Halloween Treat for your hounds!


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