Diamond's Dog Chews

Diamond's Dog Chews are a lovely small company based in Loughbrough , that started with the owner's need to find good quality treats for her own dog that was very sensitive to food.


They try to source all their ingredients from Europe as quality is extremely important to them , and focus largely on byproducts which means they provide an additional income for farmers, reduce waste and the dogs just love it !


The lady that runs the company studies dog nutrition and health and to top it all off , all the treats are simply air dried , without the use of any chemicals or additives !

Here's the treats that we tried from Diamond's Dog Chews

And what did we love about Diamond's Dog Chews ?


We loved the resealable and much more eco friendly paper packaging,


Along with the handwritten labels which give it such a personal touch.


And as you'll see from the pictures of course, all the treats went down a storm!



Rabbit Ears (Hairy)

These furry rabbit ears are great for dogs with allergies to the more common meats used in treats , such as beef and chicken.


Ears like these that are  complete with the hair are great for cleaning a dogs's teeth.


They went down very well with our lot !


Twisty Veal Sticks

These twisty veal sticks are made out of bladder and are very soft and easily digestible.


It makes them a great choice for puppies, seniors or dogs with a sensitive digestion.


As you can see , they were definetly enjoyed by our dogs !

Chicken Feet

Chicken feet are a very popular natural dog treat.


They're a natural byproduct of the food industry so are very competitvely priced for natural dog treats.


They've got a great crunch and are quickly snapped up in our house.

Chicken Necks

Like the chicken feet , chicken necks are a byproduct meaning they're very competitively priced.


They're a great source of calcium and are a very enjoyable treat without being too hard.


As you can see , our dogs were licking their lips to get hold of them !


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