The idea behind Butternut Box is such a good one.


Freshly prepared food that is cooked how you would at home (with no added nasties or preservatives), frozen and delivered to your door in perfect portions.


its high-quality food, and it saves you time on meal preparation and portioning. 


And what's most important? It's healthy and Dogs love it.

Everything about Butternut Box is very fun.

It's colourful, playful and extremely friendly right off the bat. There's lots of useful information in the welcome pack, and it's easy to see that the people at Butternut Box are true dog lovers to the core! 

The boxes also come extremely well packaged, with plenty of thermal padding, clearly marked boxes (so postmen don't send them back to a depot!) and ice packs and thermal insulation! 

And what did Cookie think ?

Well just look at that face!

" Please mum, take the picture so I can eat! "


Yes, the Butternut Box definitely went down well with Cookie, and she's a notoriously fussy eater. She's way too regal to 'dance' for her dinner, however, we did get the full soulful eyes turned up to 10, to inform us that we must feed her immediately!


Available in Lamb, Turkey, Chicken & Beef, you should definitely give the Butternut Box a go.


While you're at it use this link for 75% off your first Butternut Box 

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