For every bag of treats you buy , Beautiful Joe's donates a bag to a homeless dog in need !


They pride themselves on being an ethical brand , for every bag of treats you buy , they donate another bag to a dog in need. 


So not only is your dog benefiting from some scrummy natural liver treats, you can also feel good that you're helping dogs less fortunate than your own !

100% Natural

With no additives

These very tasty treats are made with 100% free range British ox liver.


Nothing at all is added to the treats, they're simply slowly dried pure liver... they cook them slowly to lock in the flavour !

They do a lovely gift set...

You get the bag of liver treats along with a handy tin to keep your treats in.

This lovely gift wrapped set is a great little present for your dog! 


It comes wrapped in lovely pawprint wrapping and it includes the treats and the tin to keep them in , and in comes in at 50p cheaper than if you were to buy them seperately !


Bargain !

What more can we say, other than Cookie definitely loves Beautiful Joes treats…

 We know for certain because she ran away with the bag and proceeded to do a crazy pugtona all around the garden!  

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