What did we like about Akela ?

We loved that the treats came in resealable bags


The huge variety on offer


and the of course the high quality.


Our Dogs all loved them too!

Here's what we tried from Akela

Beef Bladder Twist Chews

Why buy rawhide twists when these are so much better ? 


Soft , yet last long enough that they can't gobble them up straight away


These twists are lovely flavoursome treats to entertain your dogs


Cookie found them lip smackingly good!


Lamb Chews

These lamb chews are great quality , and we much preferred them to the much greasier pigs ears we've had in the past.


They've got a decent chew on them , without being too hard on small teeth.




So good they literally knocked her socks off !


Snax Stix (Various Flavours)

The Snax stix are lovely soft chews that are great for a quick reward , or for dogs that need something a little easier to eat , such as puppies and seniors.


They come in a mix of flavours, and all of them went down well with ours , though were a favourite with Cookie who's known to be a treat snob !


Pressed Tripe Bones * (Small)

These pressed tripe bones are a great alternative to rawhide , as we all know that mass produced foreign rawhide can contain many scary hidden ingredients and chemicals.


Ned Especially loved them , and wasn't letting go any time soon!



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