Goats Milk Soap

With Honey & Oatmeal & added Rosemary

"Goats’ milk will nourish and moisturise your dog’s skin. Honey will soften your dog's coat.

Oatmeal is excellent in the cure and prevention of mange.

Rosemary is a flea repellent.


None of our soaps are tested on animals, except this one which definitely has been."


- Bundle & Rust

What more can we say of the Goats milk soap from Bundle and Rust, other than it is simply divine?


Not only does it have lots of great benefits for your dog's coat due to its wonderful ingredients, but those natural ingredients are indeed just what makes this such a great product.


Commercial shampoos (both human and animal!) can have so many dubious ingredients, it is frankly quite frightening.


Bundle & Rust's soaps are all completely handmade with all natural ingredients,  and the quality really shows and to top it off they smell absolutely lush and bring your dog up sparkly clean, with minimal residue and without any nasty chemicals!

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