"Rattan Kubu dog bone-shaped storage. Ideal basket to store away all your dog's things. Features handle to aid moving locations. "


- House of Paws



Every toybox should be filled with toys! Raven is pictured here with the Peekaboo Bunny, Flopppy Dog and Unicorn all from House of Paws


This stylish and modern bone-shaped storage basket is perfect for tidying away all of your pet's toys, without compromising on your aesthetic. 

The lovely grey rattan is very aesthetically pleasing and is deceptively strong. In fact, it is much more so than the canvas that most commercially available toy baskets are made of.


It's also, we found, the perfect size. Unlike a lot of the toy baskets that we looked at, which were either not big enough to hold more than a couple of toys, or so big it could be used to hold an entire pet shop, this basket has got ample space to keep all your dogs favourite toys, without being just too big.


A big winner by House of Paws.


This basket is ideal for storing away all of your dog's toys, which if you're anything like us, will no doubt be numerous.


We've been on the lookout for a dog toy basket for a long time and were sick of seeing the big baskets and boxes emblazoned with huge cartoon dogs or the word 'TOYS' in a big bold garish font. 


No. what we wanted was something that would look lovely in our room, while still being unmistakably for the dogs and we found it in the Rattan Kubu Bone Shaped Storage Basket


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