Faux fur and suede snuggle pet bed. An all round fantastic luxury pet bed lined in thick and warm faux fur.

The bed features a water resistant non slip base. 

Machine Washable.

Available Small to XL


- House of Paws

* Photo by House of Paws
* Photo by House of Paws

We tried out the small size bed, and it was large enough for a chihuahua to spread out comfortably, which Raven was very happy to do, as she stretched out in the lovely soft fur.


Cookie, however, was much more impressed with the (deceptively sturdy) suede sides to the bed, that made for an exceptionally handy pug chin rest.



* Insert Super Cute Face Below* 



Fortunately, sudden eviction is not going to be a problem with the Fox Snuggle Bed as it is just as sturdy as it is Sumptuous. It can even take the weight of one non-plussed pug and one chihuahua puppy with no grasp of 'personal space'. 



This is one of those beds that just screams quality.  Available in 'Fox' or  'Arctic  Fox' It's the type of thing that if you see it in person, you just have to run your hands over it and feel how luxuriously soft it is.


And it most definitely is luxurious.


We certainly had no issues in getting the dogs to use their bed when the Arctic Fox bed was put down



Snuggle is definitely the right word to use when talking of this bed, as clearly demonstrated by Cookie in the bed below. Pugs love a good snuggle and there is nothing worse than a lovely looking bed, that your pug goes to snuggle down in, only for the sides to be unable to take the weight of a pug in full relaxation mode, as you watch in slow-motion horror as your precious pup is unceremoniously evicted out of the side of the bed as  the flimsy sides  give way, and your little darling ends up half flopped on a now flattened bed.



The Peekaboo Bunny from House of Paws, makes a great cuddle companion


We're certainly more than happy with our arctic fox bed. The dogs adore it and it's the perfect size for them, it looks beautiful in the room and it screams quality.


What more could you ask for in a dog bed?



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