Wild Dog Co. expertly create dog balms for dogs skin, coat and wellbeing.

Made with natural human-quality ingredients.

Wild Do Co also have lots of other balms and relievers available, including Skin relief which soothes itchy dry skin, and is safe to use with almost all irritated skin conditions.


Another great offering is the Calm Balm. It naturally calms anxiety, restlessness and fear and helps dogs get to sleep.


We used it on a very hyper chihuahua puppy, and well...see for yourself.

If you have a pug, french bulldog, british bulldog, boston terrier or any number of other breeds (especially those with squashy faces and lots-o-wrinkles) you'll know that the bane of your life is the same as ours...DRY NOSES.


Wild Dog Co's Nose Balm is an ideal solution. It's "100% Natural & Lick Safe"


Simply rub into the nose daily as needed and you'll quickly begin to see improvements

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