"The TRANSCOOL EC3 PLUS (2019 model) evaporative air conditioning unit is lightweight, compact and energy-efficient."


But what does that mean for us dog owners? 


Basically, the Transcool is a small, portable and not-at-all heavy air-con, ideal for pets in the summer months.


It can easily be carried with one hand and with the variety of power options it comes with, it can be used just about anywhere. It's also very energy efficient with a low power shutout, so if you accidentally leave it running, it shouldn't drain your car or campervan battery!

Add ice to create an even cooler breeze! - * Image Provided by Transcool *

No, the Transcool won't take your entire room from the Bahamas to the Artic, and even Transcool themselves warn you to be wary of any company that suggests a portable unit can cool an entire room... But we absolutely love ours and so do the dogs, so here is what it will do for you:

  • With the use of cold water (And the optional addition of Ice) it creates cooler air, instead of just circulating warm air like a standard fan.
  • Cool your caravan or car if you're on the go.
  • Create a "Cool Corner" in a room at home for your dog to retreat to in hot weather, especially if you use crates/cages. 
  • Opens up a huge range of options if you're camping, showing or travelling with dogs in the warm weather.
Small, Lightweight & Compact. (And we're not talking about the chihuahua!)

In addition to the obvious option of plugging it into the wall at home, the Transcool comes with a car charger as standard which is great for travelling your pets in the car, or for glamping, camping and caravanning. 


The small size and light weight make it no hassle at all to transport, even with a dog and all the accoutrements they come with. The four adjustable vents are an added bonus.


The Transcool is so simple to use, half fill it with water, plug it in and turn it to anywhere between off and max! Unlike a traditional fan that simply pushes around warm air, the Transcool actually uses the cold water to cool the air it expels.


Transcool Glamping with Dogs The Transcool is so quiet that even the smallest of dogs won't be worried by it. When running, the Transcool makes less noise than a standard fan, and the dogs are all more than happy to stand by it and get some of the lovely cool breeze

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