"The Blissful Dog Apothecary - Handcrafted, All Natural Moisturizers for Your Dog's Dry Nose, Elbow Calluses, Rough Paws & Minor Skin Issues. Uber-effective products handcrafted and created using the highest quality natural and organic good stuff. Each and every item is infused with love and the intention to support and heal your dog on a physical, emotional and spiritual level"


- The Blissful Dog


There's only one place that we could start when talking about the Blissful Dog, and that is of course the signature Nose Butter.


The Signature Nose Butter from Blissful Dog works wonders! If you have a dog with a dry crusty nose, then this is what you need. It's available scented or unscented, in a variety of tube sizes, from the traditional 'lip balm' size up to much bigger offerings. 


One of the best features of Blissful dog is that they offer over 100 different label options, so you can get a nose butter (or most of their other products) tailored to you, with your chosen breed on the front!

How pawsome is that?


You Butter Believe It

It's not only butter on offer from The Blissful Dog, they also have a great range of shampoos.


Do you have a dog that loves a bit of drama?

Or maybe you have a posh pooch that only wants the best in life? Or just perhaps you have a dirty dog?


Whatever is at the end of your lead, then the Blissful Dog has got you covered.


With lush shampoo offerings like Drama Queen, Rich Bitch and Dirty Dirrrtty Dog, there's something Blissful for every dog.


 The Blissful Dog offers a big range of 'Butters'


There's Bug Off, the natural insect repellent

Paw Butter,  for dry and cracked paws 

Their original and signature Nose Butter for dry noses and Boo Boo Butter, for all minor skin abrasions.


Whatever your needs, chances are that The Blissful Dog has got a butter for you!


Is your Dog a Drama Queen like Cookie?
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