"An effective, natural spray that has been formulated that fleas, ticks, mites (including mange), lice and flies absolutely HATE.


Perfect for dogs and horses. Apply a light spray mist daily when contact problems exist - what could be easier?


May also be used on pet bedding & sleeping areas. No preservatives, sulphates or artificial colours. "


- CSJ K9

With a huge variety of natural bug-repelling ingredients like Neem and apple cider vinegar, along with many other biodegradable, sulphate free and gentle plant-derived ingredients, CSJ's Skinny Spray provides a great, effective, natural repellent towards biting insects.


It comes in a spray bottle (a shampoo is also available) and you simply spray it over the dogs' coat (avoiding the face) and voila, instant insect repellant.


Without having to resort to more commercial flea treatments which are often filled with various, potentially harmful chemicals.


If you're anything like us then your dogs get walked a lot, and in a lot of different places too. 

The only problem with that is, the more places you walk your dog and the more you take them outside, the more the chances increase that they will come in to contact with some sort of parasite. 


Fleas, ticks, mites, lice and mange are all real problems when walking your dog in the countryside.


And the Skinny Spray helps provide a natural barrier, without using chemicals.


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