"SOS Salmon oil is a pure natural fish oil made from the finest Norwegian Salmon and provides high levels of EPA and DHA, ideal for those dogs needing that little bit extra care and attention.

The high levels of natural Omega 3 found in Fish4Dogs S.O.S Salmon Oil

is known to hydrate dry, itchy skin, aid joint mobility, soothe cracked paws and maintain a lustrous, glossy coat.

SOS Salmon Oil can be used in addition to the usual food, drizzled over the top or mixed in. 

Can also help aid the palatability of existing food"


- Fish 4 Dogs.   


* Picture provided by Fish 4 Dogs
Add a drizzle of salmon oil to your dogs biscuits

Available in a 100ml bottle, a 500ml bottle and a 3L carton, there's a size to suit everyone's needs.


Salmon oil is one of those things that we truly believe should be in every dog owner's daily routine. There are simply so many benefits to supplementing salmon oil in a dogs diet, that it seems crazy for people not to do it.





There are benefits to coat and skin condition, allowing dogs to go from rough and scurfy to smooth and sleek and even more appealing are the well-known benefits that this oil has on joints and mobility.


On top of all that, a lot of dogs just love the taste of it, and it can encourage some of the fussiest eaters to tuck into their dinners with never before seen gusto.


And let's face it, if you're going to buy salmon oil then the Fish 4 Dogs is going to be a good place to start.



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