"Homeopathy works by creating a hostile environment for parasites"

-BB Herbal








Original Photo by Jim Surkamp



In recent years there has been a surge of pet owners who claim that some chemical-based sspot-onflea treatments have caused burns, illness or even death of their pets.


Not only that, but more and more people are reporting that dogs are becoming ' tolerant' or 'resistant' to spot-on flea treatments, and they are no longer effective after many years of using them on a monthly basis.


This is where homoeopathic remedies like those on offer from BB Herbal really shines, with natural options like Flea Mix, Insect Repellant and Flea & Tick Spot On.


They provide a natural repellent to biting insects, without the need for harsh chemicals and with none of the potentially harmful side effects.






Fleas are the bane of most pet owners lives, and many of us have fallen into the habit of frequently dosing our pets with commercially available flea treatments, even as a preventative once a month when our pets don't even have fleas.


While it's true that it's great news that pet owners want to take such things seriously and make such a conscious effort to keeping their pets parasite free, there are many potential downsides to the frequent use of commercially available chemical flea treatments.






Good intestinal hygiene is essential if you want to keep a dog parasite free. Instead of using traditional wormers that can have many side effects, using a homoeopathic intestinal hygiene product like the one on offer from BB Herbal, helps to create an optimal condition in the gut for your dog to fight parasites in a natural way, without the need for harsh chemicals.




Since having our dogs on the homoeopathic remedies from BB Herbal, there's been no trace of fleas, ticks or worms, despite trips to many dog-walking hotspots that are known to be rife with biting insects. 



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