Cookie's Review

Well first of all *Sighs* it's blue and I'm a girl , and I totally get that blue stands for cold things like ice and cooling and all... but  I'm a girl and I would really like to be cool in another colour like pink so that people don't go , "oh don't you look so handsome in your harness" *Sighs*

But the harness fit me really nice , which is pretty rare to find as most things are made for those silly size zero dogs that don't aren't pug plump.

it didn't rub me at all and  it zipped up at the back so even when I did a crazy pugtona it didn't come off. Since i'm a pug , (because I am a pug)  I get hot pretty fast on sunny days  (Being this beautiful is hard work sometimes) , so this cooling harness is a really good idea , and mum was super happy that it was machine washable after I ran through something that totally wasn't as smelly as she said it was

Our Review

The gel pouches in the harness keep the dog cool on a warm day, and you can freeze them so they last longer. which I would definetly recommend.

Rosewood say the pouches will recharge themself after an hour or so of non use, which is great.

Personally I would buy two , that way when one starts to get warm , you have another ready to go , and you can put the other one away to recharge  itself.
(We kept ours in the car in a cool bag from a £1 shop , with a ice block , and it was lovely and cool when we got to our destination! )

Great for short excursions in the sun , as seen in the photos it kept our pug nice and cool on a sunny day !

But please remember to be a responsible dog owner, and don't take dogs out for long journeys on hot days !

note: the cooling harness does not have a D - Ring to attach a lead to , so you will need another harness or collar in conjuction with it , to walk your dog.

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