Dogs get hot , that's a fact.

They will have fun , run around and have a great old time but they will get hot , just like we do.

Unlike us , dogs cannot tell someone when they are hot , nor can they help themselves anymore than panting , so it is up to us to make sure our dogs don't get too hot , and to help cool them down if they do.

Some Dogs are more prone to overheating than others:

Flat faced breeds of dog (known as Brachycephelic) such as pugs and bulldogs ,
Older Dogs & Younger Puppys
Long Haired Dogs
Overweight Dogs

You should think carefully before taking these dogs  out a warm day , and be prepared to help keep them cool

Signs of overheating & Heatstroke

A dog will pant when its warm as it's their way of cooling down , but how do you tell the difference between a dog who is just warm and cooling itself down, to a dog that is overheating or has heatstroke ?

Excessive / Constant Panting
Struggling to breath
Wobbly on Their Feet
Lethargic (Sluggish , Slow Moving, Drowsy)
Vomiting (Throwing Up)

If your dog has heatstroke

Get them out of the heat , take them inside or put them in the shade
Call a vet
Douse them in cool water (Not cold , and not icy ! This can cause shock) or put wet towels on them
Offer them small drinks of water
As soon as their breathing gets more regular, get them straight to a vet


Temperatures inside cars can skyrocket on a hot day , leaving the window open a crack is not enough , and neither is providing a bowl of water or parking in the shade. Don't take your dog with you on a hot day , if you think that you will have to leave them in the car , a dog can die in only 15 minutes in a hot car

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