Dogs, Livestock & the Law

Find out what the law is and where you stand.

This is Sad Sheep

Sad sheep features on all our sites that also have livestock.

Be smart, be aware, be under control and be responsible
Don’t allow your dogs to bother livestock when travelling in agricultural areas.

It is important to always have control of your dogs around livestock, no matter how well you think you have your dog trained, that can always change around livestock if a dog’s prey drive or hunting instinct kicks in.

Sheep can abort lambs they are carrying when they are upset by dogs, so all your dog has to do is run near them, bark at them or otherwise “Worry” them, and you can be prosecuted under the protection of livestock act... which in extreme cases can result in a fine for the owner and a court order that the dog can be destroyed Not only this but many farmers will take the law into their own hands and shoot a dog bothering livestock, which they can do legally if there was a present threat to their livestock, and a dog owner would be hard pressed to prove otherwise.

Protection of Livestock Act 1953

Dogs do not have to kill, hurt or even touch livestock to be potentially DESTROYED under the Protection of Livestock Act

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