Glamping with Dogs ask you to follow 6 Simple rules....

No business is obligated to let you bring your dogs and this is a fact that we all know very well, Each dog friendly site has gone out of their way to accept people’s pets, so when visiting any site that allows dogs, please remember these 6 simple rules to ensure they continue to do so.

Pick up after​ your dogs. ..If your dog has an accident inside, clean it up

Don’t allow your dogs to chew, dig or otherwise damage things

Clean any bedding and soft furnishings , or bring your own​

Don't allow your dogs to be a nuisance by allowing barking or howling

Always Respect Site Rules,  you must follow any rules that a site has laid in place & do not lie about how many or what size dogs you have

Most importantly, always keep your dogs under control...especially when children and animals are involved

What happens when rules aren't followed ?

Read our cautionary tale of a former dog friendly site to see what can happen when these rules aren't followed!  

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