Why Glamping With Dogs ?


Glamping With Dogs is Unique

Glamping with Dogs was started when we and our like-minded friends grew tired of relentlessly searching for glamping and other dog-friendly places for those of us that aren't content with just an empty tent and muddy shoes! 


The few sites that offer a "Dog-Friendly" filter, are rarely correct and many glamping sites are mislabeled as dog-friendly when they are not, and just as many aren't listed as dog-friendly that are!


Some of us just want the best for ourselves and our couture canines. We want hot tubs and champagne, not breezy tents and wet socks, so for those of us that only the best will do for both us and our pampered pooches, Glamping with Dogs was born!


Glamping with Dogs is Reliable

Other sites rely on advertising premiums to stay in business, and It's fair to say that at some point everyone has visited somewhere that looks nothing like it does in the pictures!


We are a not for profit, free resource for dog owners which means that our visitors and advertisers do not pay a thing, and we earn NO money from the Glamping with Dogs whatsoever!. That's right, we earn no commission, no pay-per-clicks and no monetary incentives whatsoever from any of the companies we feature.

So what does that mean for our viewers?

Let's break it down. Most travel sites are being paid to advertise the companies they feature, so it is essentially their job to make them look good, despite having probably never seen those sites in person. At Glamping with Dogs, we earn nothing whatsoever from featuring these companies and we visit and photograph every single site ourselves.

Glamping with Dogs Visits EVERY site

Yes, Glamping with Dogs feature ONLY sites that we have visited personally, This means that businesses cannot be featured unless they have been visited personally by us, this way we know the site is 100% dog-friendly as they advertise, unlike a lot of other sites that advertise as dog-friendly...but when you get there, they really really aren't.


At every site, we take a photo with one of our dogs, so our visitors know that we have really been there in person and seen everything that site has to offer for dogs and their owners.

Glamping with Dogs Helps You Out

Glamping with Dogs writes features from the point of view of the dog owner...as we all know those of us that travel with our dogs often have needs that other people don’t!


As well as listing all these places, Glamping With Dogs lets you know all the things that might affect you as a dog owner, such as any site rules and restrictions relevant to dogs.


We offer everything as a dog owner you would need, so why not plan your holiday with Glamping with Dogs?


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