Sorry, No Big Dogs

Though the staff are wonderful and very dog-friendly, due to the size and nature of the museum, only small dogs that can be carried are allowed in.


It's a well-known fact that animals can often sense or see things that people cannot...

How will your dog react in the Haunted Museum?

A very unique experience for you and your dog!

At Glamping with Dogs, we can honestly say that we've been places.


But nothing has come close to comparing with the uniqueness that abounds at the Haunted Museum.


So make sure you and your dog have got your brave pants on, and explore the spooky museum and the terrifying old picture house, complete with a ghost tour guide. 



Rules & Restrictions

Only small dogs that can be carried.

There is a £10 cleaning charge if your dog soils in the building.

Do not allow dogs to make excessive noise.

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