The York Maze  (made of Maize) is an ideal attraction for people who have both children and dogs , with enough activies to keep the kids going all day , and enough walking to tire the dogs out too.

Dogs are welcomed in the Maze and all around the grounds , they even put water bowls down for them in the outside seating area of the cafe , but understandably they do ask that dogs are not taken in the indoo children's activities  like the house of cornfusion and the corn snake slides.

Dogs are welcomed in the Maze itself , which takes about an hour (or potentially a lot more depending on how good your sense of direction is )

Definetly put it on the to do list if you're in the area !

Site Rules

Dogs on leads

Clean up after dogs

No dogs inside the cafe

No dogs in kids attractions , such as the house of cornfusion or the corn snake slides

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