A fallen tree which has become a tradition for all visitors to hammer a coin into , they provide the hammer and you provide a coin , there's an amazing array of english and foreign coins !

Lovely little place to visit  , which is  England's oldest attraction as it has been open since 1630

Based around the legend of Mother Shipton's Cave , and the petrifying well which turns everything that it touches into stone , this is well worth a visit if you're in the area.

There's plenty of walking here for dogs , and the only place they ask you to keep them away from is the children's play area

Carved trees stare at you throughout the area, and even an angel watches you as you walk past, there's even a fallen tree that has been hammered full of coins by hundreds of visitors.

The dog friendly museum features all sorts of interesting items that have been turned to stone , as well as a wax replica of Mother Shipton.

There's allsorts to buy from the gift shop , including wishing water from the wishing well , and solid stone teddy bears from the petrifying well !

Dog friendly site throughout , including inside the museum and gift shop, which has a water bowl outside for dogs.

Site Rules

Keep Dogs on Leads

No dogs on childrens play areas

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