The lakeside railway cleverly ties in well with the Windermere boat cruises, and it's definetly worth doing both.

The train , and station for that matter, are so amazingly vintage they truly are out of another era.

The Station offers free dog biscuits when booking your ticket, and provide water near the outside seating around the cafe.

Just like the boat trips dogs go free and get their own ticket  which we just love.

Dogs are allowed anywhere on the train , but they ask that you do not allow dogs on the seats , so either on the floor , or bring a blanket for them to sit on like we did

The train is a site to behold , and there's some stunning scenery to be had on the journey , and again just like the boat trips you can get daily unlimited tickets which allow you to get on and off the train , at whichever stops that you fancy, up and down the journey.

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