Wonderful vintage tramway village in derbyshire.

Wonderful vintage tramway village


Filled with vintage buildings that have been relocated and rebuilt piece by piece , from Traditional sweet shops  and ice cream shops  to the dog friendly red lion pub.

Very Dog Friendly

The entire village is dog friendly barring the tea rooms and children's exhibits, dogs are even allowed on the tram rides that run constantly throughout the day .

Freebies for Dogs

The whole village is great for dog walking , from the red lion pub that has a bowl outside for dogs and the ice cream shop that saves broken cones to give dogs for free .

Horsing Around...

If you're lucky you'll also see Joseph the horse, pulling the horse drawn tram


Lots to See

There is a couple of great indoor exhibits to look around , and there are plenty of trams parked up to view aswell as the other ones that are working throughout the day .
Well worth visiting if you're in the area, can get very busy during holidays and weekends so allow plenty of time.

Free Tram Rides

Once you have paid to get in , you can ride the trams around the village for free , as many times as you want !*


*(Does not include the horse drawn tram)

Site Rules

Dogs must be on leads

Dogs are allowed on trams , but not on the seats

No Dogs in the Tea Room , but dogs are allowed in the Red Lion Pub

In the interests of hygeine ,  No Dogs in the children's indoor exhibits and outdoor play areas

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